Saturday, November 5, 2011

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10 a.m. - Tuesday, Sep 25th, 2012
ROOM 107

Round Hill Country Club Wants To 
"Light Up" the Tennis Courts 
on Stone Valley Road!

This 3 min Video Tells It All...
Just one family's perspective of impact...
This affects all Alamo residents,
whether you live near the tennis courts or not! 
Why? Because it's just one more step to "commercialize" Alamo. There's a reason why all of us choose to live in Alamo, for the peace and quiet, the rural atmosphere and...Alamo quality of life. Isn't that why you chose Alamo in the first place? (Scroll down to see photos and more details below.)

ATTEND and SPEAK OUT at the county meeting. 
Life as we know it will be changed forever with 48,000 watts lighting up the Alamo night.

  • You'll see it when you drive up Stone Valley Road. (Changes the nature of the area!)
  • You'll see the glow if you live on the hills. Is this what you want?
  • Ever driven towards a football stadium at night? You know when a game is being played because of the night sky.. it's lit up!
  • Even more photos of night lit tennis courts here.
(Scroll down this page for more information.)

  • NO LIGHTS UNTIL NOW? The lower six tennis courts at Round Hill Country Club have existed for over thirty years without lights. Current court usage starts at 8am and ends around dusk. Round Hill's 9 upper courts already have night lights!
  • APPLICATION SUBMITTED. On November  9th, 2010, Round Hill Country Club submitted application # LP10-2079 for a land use permit for the lower six tennis courts located at the entrance to Round Hill.  The application includes the installation of 48 exterior lights at a height of twenty-four feet above finished grade on the six lower tennis courts, an electrical service upgrade, and repair and repaving of the general area.
  • COURTS WILL BE OPEN TO 11PM. Round Hill expects operation of the proposed lighting to match that of the upper courts, currently available for use from 8 am to 11 pm daily, as reported by Round Hill’s General Manager during the Dec 8th AIA meeting. Update: Round Hill has since agreed to reduce the shut off time to 10pm.
  • BIG IMPACT. Extended hours of play will negatively impact our quality of life with increased noise and traffic at night, bright light filling the area! Overall enjoyment of our yards, and privacy, will be impacted in a big way.  
  • ADDITIONAL TRAFFIC. We will be subjected to prolonged traffic, headlights, exhaust, with up to 22 cars driving and parking within six feet of neighboring yards during prime family time.
  • LANDSCAPING WILL NOT HIDE IT. There can be no mitigating landscaping between neighboring homes and the tennis courts as existing power lines limits height and shallow planting area restricts density of shrubs.  The courts are clearly visible from homes.
  • LIGHT POLLUTION IS REAL. We will be subjected to light pollution. (8 lights per court) x (6 courts) x (1,000 watts per light) = 48,000 watts lighting the lower tennis court area to daylight luminosity.  Visit the upper courts at night and experience night tennis from the surrounding homeowner’s viewpoint. 
  • THE “LIGHT BUBBLE” WILL BE HUGE. The overall glow of 48,000 watts of light will affect the neighborhood and will be obvious to any homes on the hill, especially those located on the south side of Stone Valley Road, i.e.; Valley Oaks area homes. Click here to see photos of a tennis court with lights at night.
  • NOISE POLLUTION. Add the sounds of tennis play late at night with additional cars, players yelling occasional profanities and after game conversations…all at the property line of sleeping residents. The noise of play is already audible throughout the extended neighborhood during daylight hours. Don’t forget, sound travels farther at night. 
  • THE “ATTRACTIVE NUISANCE”. Extended hours of operation will make the courts more of an attractive nuisance drawing additional noise, cars, people and trash at night. 
  • YOUR PROPERTY VALUE WILL DECLINE. Property values will decline in the neighborhood. It is not reasonable for the local homeowners to lose so much just so Round Hill Country Club can increase its profits. 
This is one of those situations where you cannot sit back and “let the other guy do the work”.  Each and every resident needs to stand up and be counted as opposing these lights.



  1. The other issue that I see as a big one for all the neighborhood is the problem related to driving in the dark streets AFTER being BLINDED by the bright lights as you enter the Roundhill Road entry off of Stone Valley Road. The Deer and evening people walking in the areas will be hard to see and there is an extreme issue of driving safety that is not being considered by all who live here! -Randolph Shepherd, Airline Transport Pilot and Roundhill Resident of 10 years

  2. I agree. The right time for tennis to end at Roundhill is when the natural light has gone. They should not be able to impact surrounding homes. Harris Leck, Lawyer, Alamo resident since 1987.